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    Kumkumadi Skin Radiance Face Toner with 15% Kumkumadi 28+ Precious Herbs & Extracts | Nourishes & Hydrates Skin and Protect Skin against Sun Damage (11)

    Selling Price: CAD$ 34.00
    • Inspired By Ayurveda
    • Promotes Skin Brightness
    • Restores Ph Balance
    • Made With Authentic Ayurvedic Ingredients
    • Hydrating Face Toner
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    Vitamin C and Apple Cider Vinegar Face Toner With Witch Hazel and Vitamin B3 Anti-Ageing and Skin Brightening Alcohol Free Face Toner (38)

    Selling Price: CAD$ 17.00
    • Can refine pores and fight free radicals
    • Can lighten the face marks and brighten the skin
    • Can smooth the fine lines and give the youthful complexion
    • Refreshes skin, helps to minimize pores,
    • Can clear up acne and prevent breakouts
    • Helps to maintain pH balance of the skin
    • An extra dose of Vitamin C that improves overall skin health
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