• -33%Limited
    Arabica Coffee Damage Repair Shampoo with Broccoli Seed, Rosehip & Liquorice For Colored, Chemically Treated & Damaged Hair 300 ml (54)

    Selling Price: CAD$ 15.00

    Benefits of Arabica Coffee Damage Repair Shampoo’s Powerful Ingredients

    • Arabica Coffee – Caffeine in Coffee helps to nourish & revitalize damaged hairs.
    • Broccoli Seed Oil – Packed with hair-nourishing vitamins like Vitamin C and Vitamin B6 that make your hair strong and silky smooth, while eliminating hair frizz.
    • Liquorice – Helps to deal with hair issues such as hair thinning, hair breakage, split ends and chemical damage due to excessive hair colouring.
    • Rosehip – Great alternative for those looking to repair damaged hair, thicken and nourish dull or thinning hair strands.
    • Formulated with other premium and effective 18+ natural herbs & extracts
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  • -17%Limited
    Biotin Hair Shampoo for Stronger, Thicker & Longer Hairs with Rosemary, Mint, Vitamin E and B5 | Hair Growth Shampoo for Healthy Hairs, Contains NO SLS, NO SLES, NO PARABENS 300 mL (4)

    Selling Price: CAD$ 28.45
    • Build Strength to combat all type of damages.
    • The Indie Earth Biotin Hair Growth Shampoo contains the goodness of Volumizing Biotin, Rosemary, Mint, Tea Tree, Lavender, Evening Primrose, Grapeseed, Aloe Vera, Vitamin E and B5 for long, healthy, silky and shiny hairs.
    • The Indie Earth Biotin Hair Growth Shampoo is created using moisturizing and enriching elements to enhance the well-being of both hair and scalp. Its mild nature, due to SLS, SLES and PARABENS FREE formulation, makes it suitable for everyday application and all hair kinds. It also serves as a shampoo that safeguards all hair types, especially for damaged, thinning and colored hairs.
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  • -22%Limited
    The Indie Earth 2-IN-1 Fermented Rice Water Shampoo with Conditioner with Corn, Wheat and Soy Protein – NO ADDITIONAL CONDITIONER REQUIRED – Daily Care Shampoo For Soft, Smooth & Healthy Hairs 300ml (48)

    Selling Price: CAD$ 23.45
    • Gives deeps nourishment
    • Deeply hydrates hair from root to tip
    • Visibly replenishes dry, lifeless hair
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  • -34%Limited
    The Indie Earth Advanced Red Onion Shampoo with Redensyl & 15+ natural ingredients including Red Onion, Curry Leaf & Indian Alkanet Root 300ML (216)

    Selling Price: CAD$ 24.00
    • Advanced formulation with Redensyl deeply hydrates and nourishes hair.
    • Replenishes dry, lifeless hair for softness and hydration from root to tip.
    • Fuels hair with a potent blend of 15+ natural ingredients including Redensyl, Red Onion, Curry Leaf and Indian Alkanet Root which helps hair to fight against damage.
    • The Indie Earth Advanced Red Onion Shampoo is a Sulfate Free Natural Shampoo that gently leaves your hair soft, smooth, hydrated & vibrant. It gently cleanses hair with a nutrient-rich lather that wraps every strand for effortless detangling.
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  • -24%Limited
    The Indie Earth Bhringraj Amla Hair Cleanser (Shampoo) with Brahmi & Jatamansi | Repair Damaged Hairs & Promotes Healthy Hair Growth (40)

    Selling Price: CAD$ 23.00

    Why should you use Bhringraj Amla Hair Cleanser?

    • Bhringraj (False Daisy) Makes Hair Lustrous: The ancient secret to Indians’ lush, glossy hair is this traditional Indian herb – Bhringraj. The product is rich in nutrients that provide deep conditioning to hair and bring out its natural shine.
    • Amla (Indian Gooseberry) For Healthy Hair Growth: It improves the quality of hair, and helps for healthier hair.
    • Brahmi (Indian Pennywort) Helps Provide Nourishment To Hair: In India, Brahmi Herb is known to make hair thicker and more nourished.
    • Jatamansi (Himalayan Spikenard)Helps Provide Strength To Hair: Also known as “TAPASWANI”, This herb from Himalaya improves hair quality and texture.
    • Luxury From Nature: This Hair Cleanser made with the Power of 17+ Hand Picked Herbs and Essential Oil. Contains Natural Herbs Content, PETA Certified – Cruelty Free, Does not contain SLS, SLES, Parabens, Synthetic Dyes and Synthetic Perfume.
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  • -24%Limited
    The Indie Earth Natural Protein Hair Cleanser (Shampoo) 300 ML – Daily Hair Care Shampoo to Strengthen Hair, Add Volume & Shine (48)

    Selling Price: CAD$ 23.00
    • Adds Volume and Shine
    • Helps in Strengthening Hair
    • Repairs Dry & Damaged Hair
    • Daily Hair Care Shampoo Gently Cleans the Scalp & Hairs
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  • -22%Limited
    The Indie Earth Nimbadi 2-in-1 Shampoo with Conditioner (25)

    Selling Price: CAD$ 23.45

    Are You Facing Dandruff And Itchy Scalp Problem?

    • First Time Ever in Canada – Inspired By Ayurveda 2-in-1 Formulation with Neem, Ginger, Tea Tree, Basil & Fenugreek
    • Removes Loose Dandruff Flakes
    • Makes Hair Stronger
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