All You Need To Know About The Wonder Ingredient Retinol!

If you are into skincare for quite a long period, you have undoubtedly heard the word Retinol. It’s a buzzword nowadays, and to be honest, the results retinol is showing after application, it completely deserves the buzz.

Be it issues like uneven skin tone, clogged pores, wrinkles, or loss of firmness, retinol is the ultimate skin-saver ingredient that could exactly be missing in your skincare routine. But how does Retinol actually work? And why is it known as the holy grail of skin-care ingredients? All your questions are answered below, keep reading ahead!

What exactly is Retinol?

Retinol is a derivative of Vitamin A, commonly used in many skincare products for over years now.

When it comes to skincare, Vitamin A improves the appearance of skin and reduces hyperpigmentation. It’s an essential nutrient the human body needs for balancing immune and reproductive health as well as treating eye and skin issues. Moreover, the human body is retinoid responsive, which means it easily absorbs this vitamin even when applied topically.

Coming back to retinol, this skincare ingredient was approved in the 1970s it self for people suffering from acne issues. Today, it is found in many skincare and beauty products, mainly because of its ability to penetrate into the skin better and quicker. Regular usage of Retinol in any form can give an individual a radiant glow, and decrease wrinkles and fine lines, thus giving softer smoother skin.

Benefits of applying Retinol Serum

1. Reduces signs of skin aging

Initially, retinol was just used for acne-related issues, but later, it got popular for its anti-aging effects too. Regular application of this wonder ingredient keeps skin hydrated, reduces fine lines, hyperpigmentation, and wrinkles, and makes the skin look healthier and more youthful.

2. Clears acne

Do you have acne-prone skin? Well, retinol is all that you have to look after to treat this issue. It unclogs pores and prevents future outbreaks, hence fewer acne scars. Moreover, if you have already been applying creams to treat this underlying issue, retinol can amplify the effects of these better to help you get maximum benefits.

3. Improves skin texture

Retinol boosts collagen production (more in detail below), hence giving your skin more strength and healthy elasticity. Additionally, the cell on the surface of your skin will be replaced quickly as before, hence, no more dullness and dryness.

4. Reverses UV rays damage

Power-packed with antioxidants, Retinol can quickly repair sun-damaged skin, such as tough tans.

5. Evens skin tone

Apart from improved skin texture, Retinol even improves skin tone, if applied religiously. It fades hyperpigmentation spots and patches and gives clear vibrant skin.

How does Retinol work on the skin?

In the late 20s and early 30s, the biggest skin concerns many faces are skin dullness and wrinkle build-up. This usually happens when the skin cells’ renewal cycle slows down. But when at the same time, Retinol is applied topically on the skin every day, it regulates this cycle.

The process starts with retinol getting converted into retinoic acid and then encouraging the production of collagen. Since collagen production decreases with age, Retinol preserves it. Hence, more the collagen is more firm and healthier the skin looks. And at the same time, because of exfoliation, Retinol treats other skin concerns too like rough texture, dullness, and more.

Does Retinol Serum really reduce wrinkles?

Yes, one of the many noteworthy benefits of including Retinol in your skincare regime is it reduces wrinkles. Apart from the production of collagen, this wonder ingredient also stimulates the production of new blood vessels. This process exactly improves the texture of the skin and reduces wrinkles.

Additionally, Retinol also soften rough skin patches and fades aging spots. However, when it comes to wrinkles, at least two to six months of regular usage can give apparent results, and the best would at least take six months to a year of time.

How often do you need to use retinol serum to see results?

Now comes the big question, how much and how often you will have to apply retinol to get the best possible results? Well, the answer completely depends on your skin type and the issue you have been facing for a long time. Retinol usually show slight side effects on the skin like peeling, irritation, and dryness. And even these issues are very specific to the ones having sensitive skin. The first application would be irritating to some people, but the tolerance builds up automatically over time.

Initially, you can start out with small doses, like thrice a week, and then increase it as per your tolerance. Before applying Retinol, make sure to prep your skin up with a topical moisturizer. The best time for application is before you go to bed since it can make your skin more susceptible to UV damage.  Also, to avoid irritation, wait for at least 15 minutes after you have cleansed your skin and then apply. If you are using it in the morning, make sure to apply a good SPF.


The best thing about including Retinol serum in your skincare regime is it is suitable for all skin types. You just have to apply it according to your needs, and it will do wonders. Lastly, do remember that low potency Retinol can take a bit longer to show off results, but you will surely notice the changes!

Keep glowin’

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