What is Kumkumadi Oil and why is this ayurvedic Elixir gaining mainstream popularity?

Whenever there is a health-related problem, Ayurveda has a natural solution for it. One of the many gifts of Ayurveda for mankind is an ancient miracle oil called Kumkumadi Oil, a solution to numerous skin-related issues. Kumkumadi oil is a great solution to skin conditions such as acne, eczema, psoriasis, hair loss, joint pain, and fertility issues.

What is Kumkumadi Oil?

The name Kumkumadi is derived from one of its key ingredients; red-gold Saffron, which is known as Kumkuma in Sanskrit. The recipe for this oil has been passed over generations. This oil is a mixture of extracts from 20 to 26 ingredients which include herbs, plants, fruits, flowers, and milk. The ingredients in kumkumadi oil work together to break down the adhesives that hold skin cells together, helping them naturally shed skin cells and improve complexion.

Kumkumadi Oil maintains your skin in its prime and gets rid of skin issues. Its versatility makes it perfect for treating various skin health issues – from removing blemishes or scars to reducing muscle tension or improving overall circulation. Kumkumadi oil can also be used for Relaxing Facials or as an acne treatment.

Why is Kumkumadi Oil gaining mainstream popularity?

This elixir acts like a miracle in many skin-related issues and it has numerous therapeutic effects as well. This oil actually works, unlike many other synthetic commercial products which are not only expensive but have many side effects too.

The main reason why kumkumadi oil is gaining popularity today is because of its multiple benefits for skin, hair, and overall health. It’s safe for all skin types (including sensitive ones), doesn’t contain harmful ingredients, and can be found at most pharmacies or online retailers. Some of the major benefits of kumkumadi oil include:

1. Skin Illuminator

Kumkumadi oil is famous for skin lightening properties. It is enriched with rejuvenating properties of saffron, sandalwood, and turmeric which heal the skin in such a nourishing way that the skin looks radiant and it shines like gold. Saffron has antioxidant properties that lighten the skin.

2. Skin Hydrator

This elixir acts like a natural moisturizer and its conditioning properties help in making the skin soft and supple. Sandalwood present in Kumkumadi oil makes it your best friend if you have dry and flaky skin problems.

3. Anti-Dullness Formula

When this oil is massaged regularly it increases the blood circulation of the skin, removes dead skin and repairs damaged skin. This helps in brightening the skin and getting its natural glow back.

4. Anti-Aging Properties

No one wants wrinkles on his/her skin. Youthful skin is everyone’s top priority. Kumkumadi oil increases the elasticity and resilience of the skin.

5. Anti-Infectious Properties

Components like Turmeric and Manjastha have antifungal and antibacterial properties respectively which make this oil beneficial for the treatment of fungal diseases of skin and acne.

Kumkumadi oil helps improve symptoms associated with acne. It reduces inflammation, governs sebum production, and eliminates dead cells on the skin’s surface.

6. Dark Spots Remover

As a result of sun exposure, our skin starts getting dark and hyper-pigmented. The extract of licorice root is the key ingredient in the oil which removes dark spots by inhibiting an enzyme involved in the process of hyperpigmentation.

7. Natural Cleanser

In day-to-day life, our skin pores get clogged with debris and dirt. This oil acts as a mild cleanser and helps in removing sebum and polluted materials from the skin.

Kumkumadi oil also treats blemishes and other inflammatory skin conditions caused by dirt, oils, or bacteria. Clearing out these impurities will make your skin feel smoother and look less oily.

8. Good for Dry hair

Finally, Kumkumadi oil promotes shine while locking in moisture trapped within the hair strands, making it a good treatment for dry hair. Thus, Kumkumadi oil not only is a boon for your skin but for your hair as well.

Closing Words

For centuries, Kumkumadi oil has been used in India (now worldwide) to treat various conditions, including acne, dandruff, and other skin problems. It’s now becoming more popular outside the Indian subcontinent thanks to its many benefits for hair and skin. The popularity of this magical oil is rapidly growing due to its phenomenal success in treating skin-related complexities. Kumkumadi oil, being a natural remedy, is relatively inexpensive and has far better-proven results compared to its competitors.

The Indie Earth Kumkumadi Oil is prepared using premium-grade raw ingredients, which makes it a powerful and effective elixir.

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