How to Remove Dark Spots

How to Remove Dark Spots

There’s no doubt that no one likes to have Dark Spots or pigmentation marks on your face which are as stubborn as a kid crying for a toy. Dark spots leave you to worry about covering them with makeup each time you plan to head out. To every problem, there’s a root cause and as to treat a problem it is essential to understand it.

There’s a natural pigment in our skin known as melanin, which is responsible for the color of the eyes, skin, and also your hair. There are the same number of cells that produce melanin and are the same in everyone. The difference in these cells is the consequence of different color of skins among people.

Melanin also protects the skin from the harmful effects of the sun. However, when the skin is exposed to the sun for a longer period, the production of melanin increases, and when it goes overdrive, it results in dark spots.

Apart from sun exposure, there are some other causes of dark spots such as-


  • Hormonal Changes is one of the leading causes of skin pigmentation, especially in women. A type of skin pigmentation, melisma, appears in the form of dark patches, on cheeks and foreheads. This kind of condition is prevalent after pregnancy.
  • Side Effects of Medication can cause skin pigmentation and dark spots. Anti-inflammatory drugs usually produce the most common reaction.
  • Irritation due to certain products such as perfumes or even hair products can cause skin irritation, leading to dark spots on the skin.
  • Diabetes can also cause the skin to overproduce melanin and thus, leading to dark patches.
  • Inflammation/Wounds – You can end up with a dark spot left behind by after an acne or a pimple outbreak.

Now that you know what causes dark spots, you must have an idea as to how to prevent it because we all know that none of us wants dark spots or patches on our skin. Covering such spots with makeup is not the solution since that does not heal the skin rather it deteriorates the skin further.

Since the primary cause of dark spots is exposure to the skin, here are a few preventive measures which you need to keep in mind –



Sunscreen plays a vital role to protect your skin from ultraviolet rays. Choose a Sunscreen that suits the type of your skin. To avoid hyperpigmentation, the sunscreen should be worn daily.

Cover with Hat or Cloth


If you are mostly out in the sun, it is recommended to carry a hat or a stole to Protect your face from direct sun exposure.

To cure dark spots, there are several home remedies which can be used by men and women.  Here’s a list of a few of them –

  • Aloe Vera
  • Yogurt
  • Orange Peel
  • Calamine Lotion

Apart from the home remedies which are effective most of the time, we are presenting you with a remedy which is not only effective but also efficient in treating dark spots.

Vitamin C Facial Serum


As we are all aware, Vitamin C comes with several benefits such as Boosting Collagen, lightening under-eye circles, and defending against damage from the sun.

Without any further ado, let us present you with innumerable Benefits of Vitamin C Serum –

  • This serum will energize and brighten your skin, which is a great addition to your Skincare Regimen.
  • The serum is made with the most simple and effective ingredients, thus, making it pocket-friendly.
  • The Indie Earth Vitamin C Facial Serum comes with antioxidants which makes this Face Serum potent, yet gentle enough to use it every day.
  • The serum reduces the spots, Brightens the skin, improves the skin texture, and gives you an elegantly glowing face.
  • Not only it reduces dark spots but also it is extremely helpful in the removal of acne spots. Hyperpigmentation, and freckles.
  • It helps in the reduction of pigmentation and thus, brightens the skin tone.
  • The immediate use of Vitamin C serum results in radiant skin.
  • The serum penetrates the skin for a visibly smooth and youthful complexion without drying or stripping your skin off essential nutrients.
  • The hydrating aloe extracts present in the serum are helpful to keep your skin moist and restore the key minerals in order to have a Youthful Glow.
  • Vitamin C serum is free of chemicals such as Sulfate, Paraben, and alcohol.
  • The serum works perfectly to prevent breakouts and minimize the appearance of sun damage and acne scars.

How to Use 


  • Apply 2-3 drops of the serum all over your face or wherever the dark spots are.
  • Gently massage onto wet skin using a circular motion
  • Rinse thoroughly with warm/lukewarm water.
  • For best results, use the serum twice a day.
  • You can apply the serum overnight as well.

Bottom Line

Just like your meals, your skin needs the nutrients as well. Provide your skin with the best of everything and you’ll be glowing in no time.Also, did you know that a mere smile on your face can increase the Glow on Your Face!

Keep Smiling, Keep Glowing!

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