Daisy Flower Extract for Skin

Daisies are cheerful, bright, and easy to grow. The flower is known as Bellis Perennis and has been a part of the skincare routine for ages. Though we have plenty of skincare products available in the market, daisy flower extracts stand out because it is non-toxic and skin-friendly.

They are famous for their medicinal properties and were also harvested in gardens since Egyptian times (as early as 2200 BC) for medicinal purposes. Daisies are used in treating health issues like bruises, swelling, and migraines, to name a few. But, they are also gaining popularity as one the best skincare products. Let’s see what makes them stand out from the crowd and what a daisy flower extract can do for your skin.

Benefits of daisy flower extract for skin:

Shine bright like a daisy

Daisy flower extract is a non-toxic substitute for hydroquinone. Though we have plenty of beauty products on the market not all of them are healthy for the skin. So, daisy extract is that healthier alternative that will help you brighten your skin. Stay bright like a daisy as the daisy extract helps in reducing the appearance of dark spots and thus lightens and brightens your skin naturally. Also, if a person can’t tolerate hydroquinone, kojic acid or is pregnant, then daisy extracts are the safest option.

Prevents pigmentation and discoloration

Stepping out on sunny days can lead to skin problems. Your chances of pigmentation and discoloration increase if you’re doing it without sunscreen.  Harmful UV rays trigger the production of melanocytes (melanin-producing cells). So, extreme exposure can induce the overproduction of melanin. So, here comes a daisy extract for your protection. Daisy extracts can block the formation of melanin and prevents pigmentation or discoloration.

Maintain youthful skin

Frequent exposure to harmful sun rays can damage the collagen fibers and scar tissue buildup. Also, it interferes with the creation of new collagen, crucial for healthy supple skin. Daisy extracts can prevent wrinkling and sag, thus keeping the skin youthful. Add the daisy extract to your skincare routine for young healthy skin.

Healthy skin

The antiseptic properties of daisy flower extract can remove bacteria from your skin surface, keeping it healthy. Also, daisy flower extracts were used for treating wounded soldiers in ancient times because of their anti-bacterial properties. So, the extract also helps in healing the skin.

Enhances skin cell turnover

Skin cell turnover involves the production of new skin cells replacing the existing skin cells. So, exfoliating the right way helps us in getting rid of dead skin cells. The high concentration of exfoliating acids, malic and tartaric acids in the daisy flower extract aid in natural cell turnover. Enhance the skin cell turnover naturally with the daisy extracts and feel the difference. The daisy extract’s ability will help you deal with acne and skin aging issues.

What makes the daisy flower extract a great skincare product?

  1. L-arbutin: Daisy flower extract has this naturally occurring substance that helps in lightening the skin. The lightning property of L-arbutin is the one that helps in reducing the appearance of dark spots and evens out the skin tone. L-arbutin is mostly extracted from bearberry bush leaves.
  2. Tartaric acid: Daisy flower extract has tartaric acid which helps in dealing with skin issues like acne, dryness, wrinkles, and dullness. Thus, the acid moisturizes the skin and has an anti-aging effect.
  3. Malic acid: Another super component of daisy flower extract is malic acid which is widely used in different skin and hair care products. The skincare products with malic acid help in skin hydration, exfoliation, reducing wrinkles, and improving skin tone.

Malic acid and tartaric acid are alpha hydroxy acids (AHAs)- a group of natural acids found in foods.

These are some benefits of daisy flower extracts. The extract is also suitable for sensitive skin. Due to its amazing properties, the daisy flower extract is also used in toners, serums, and ointments. A patch test can help you decide if the product suits you or not.

Closing words

Daisy flower extract is indeed a blessing for your skin and body. We have included daisy flower extract in The Indie Earth Goodbye Blemishes Range. Add it to your skin-care routine and it can do wonders for your skin. Make sure you do a patch test before using it on a bigger surface.

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