Five ways to improve the thickness of hair

The modern-day lifestyle and eating habits have made hair loss a pretty common issue. There is no solution to improve hair follicles’ form; however, there are many other alternatives that men and women can try to make the mane look thicker, lessen breakage and hair damage. Few people feel very strongly about caring for their hair, but they find it challenging to find the right tips and products. Also, it is essential to avoid products containing harmful chemicals as these are partly responsible for hair thinning and hair loss. This article will talk about some of the tried-and-tested techniques to have more voluminous hair.

1. Use Red onion oil


Onion is generously used for cooking Indian dishes, well, surprise, surprise, the taste-meddling ingredient is not only best for adding taste to your meals, but it is also splendid in adding shine and strength to your hair. Onion oil’s antibacterial properties reduce scalp infections, prevent the hair from damage caused by free radicals, decrease hair fall, and nourish hair follicles. Red onion oil is super-rich in sulfur which limits damage, split ends, and weakening of hair. Other nutrients that onion contains stops the oxidation of hair. It also controls the normal pH of the hair, preventing untimely greying. You can buy a product enriched with onion oil or blend extracted onion juice with coconut oil and apply it to your head. Apply and massage for a few minutes, and rinse it off.

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2. Indian Gooseberry


Amla, also named Indian gooseberry, is one fruit that we’ve all heard about; it’s beneficial for handling hair loss troubles. It includes many quintessential fatty acids that further strengthen hair follicles, supplying you with fabulous and glossy hair. You’ll like better to drink amla juice each day within the morning or use it on your hair as a mask. Apply Amla oil frequently – a robust inhibitor of 5-alpha reductase – used to treat male and female alopecia.

3. Coffee-based oil


One method to offer your scalp and hair a gentle caffeine supply is preparing a coffee-based oil and frequently using it. For this, you would like to blend 2 cups of your favorite oil (coconut/olive/almond) with ¼th cup of roasted whole coffee berry until they’re blended. This step must be done on low heat for about 6–8 hours, ensuring it doesn’t burn. Then, strain the oil enough times to obliterate the beans. Caffeine is known to help improve blood flow to the scalp, which further enhances healthy hair follicles. When you’re massaging hair products directly to the scalp, you’re allowing blood to circulate to the scalp and stimulate the roots. The Indie Earth Arabica Coffee Oil is infused with Broccoli Seed Oil. The Oil helps in stimulating the hair follicles to speed up hair growth. It is also helpful in treating scalp Infection, dryness, dandruff, and itchiness.

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4. Coffee-based shampoo


Many researchers advise that washing your hair with caffeine-rich shampoos can help in stimulating hair growth. One crucial factor that leads to hair loss is the increase in DHT hormone levels; coffee helps in suppressing this hormone. Coffee is enriched with antioxidants that help in eliminating the product buildup without synthetic chemicals.

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5. Diet tips


Following a nutritious, healthy diet is a great secret to maintain healthy hair and good skin—a diet containing beneficial minerals, vitamins, proteins, and healthy fats. If you are going through thinning hair, it’s high time to realize that your body is not getting enough nutrients. The ingredients that would help in maintaining a good mane and reducing hair loss are;

  • Salmon – high in fatty acids and protein
  • Eggs – has iron, omega3, and protein.
  • Different types of nuts – sources of fatty acids
  • Fruits rich in Vitamin C – berries, strawberries, raspberries
  • Yogurt – generous in Vitamin B5 and calcium
  • Green leafy vegetables – rich in iron
  • Beans and pulses – contain biotin.

You should add at least 1 or 2 portions of the foods mentioned above to your everyday diet. These foods help improve hair health and act as a charm for your hair. Eating right is definitely crucial for maintaining your lovely tresses.


Hair loss and thinning can be highly depressing. Choosing the right hair care products, following a regimen and diet tips can help in treating the hair loss problem while improving the thickness of hair.

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